Former tennis star Yevgeny Kafelnikov has expressed concerns about his teenage daughter’s modelling career, alleging that she has developed an eating disorder after starting in the trade, and her hordes of Instagram followers are encouraging her illness.

The Russian former No.1, who won the men’s singles gold medal at the Sydney Olympics, has taken to social media to speak about the welfare of his 17-year-old daughter, Alesya Kafelnikova, KP Russia reports.

Kafelnikov, 42, reportedly said he had to express his concerns about his daughter’s weight via social media, because he did not think his daughter, who is based in Paris, listened to his advice anymore.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov with his daughter Alesya on his birthday last year.Yevgeny Kafelnikov with his daughter Alesya on his birthday last year. Photo: alesyakaf/Instagram

“Last year when she weighed 52kg, I was happy. She was so pretty and finally started looking like a woman. And what is happening now? I am strictly against such a radical weight loss! Unfortunately, she doesn’t listen to me.”

According to Russian celebrity outlet Paparazzi, Alesya has lost a significant amount of weight since launching her modelling career last year, aged 16.

The young model, who is signed with Elite London, was “discovered” in January 2015, after she posted a raunchy video of herself stripping down to her lingerie on her Instagram account.

Her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her glamorous life, including a mix of behind-the-scenes shots from photoshoots and runways, as well as pictures of luxurious getaways and oversized bouquets of roses.

On every picture, Alesya’s fans praise her physique.

Kafelnikov added that many of her 213,000 followers were under-age girls, who seem to encourage her to lose more weight.

“Alesya has 14-year-old followers on Instagram, who have no brain, and support her for losing weight. She should not be listening to these idiots.”

Kafelnikov divorced Alesya’s mother, Maria Tishkova, in 2001.

He won custody of Alesya following a long court battle.

Alesya lives without her family in Paris, although she recently returned to Russia for Moscow Fashion Week.

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