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Which Countries Have The Highest Caesarean Section Rates? [Infographic]


Niall McCarthy ,

Around the globe, caesarean section rates have increased dramatically, something that has proven controversial as a large amount of them are not medically required. The growing c-section rate can be attributed to many factors, including more births among older women, multiple births through assisted reproduction, technological advances, as well as personal preference. They involve a degree of risk and can cause complications for subsequent deliveries.

Across OECD countries, the c-section rate currently stands at approximately 28 percent with some of the lowest rates occurring in northern Europe. Sweden is a notable example with 16.4 c-sections for every 100 live births. Turkey is at the opposite end of the scale with just over half of all babies delivered via c-section. The United States and Australia also have higher ceasarean rates than average, 32.5 and 32.1 per 100 live births respectively.

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