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Campers rescued from rising water on Perthshire island


Campers rescued from rising water on Perthshire island

The water rescue unit from Perth was called into action after rising water trapped a group of campers on an island in a Perthshire river.

The incident was reported shortly after 9am on Saturday when the campers realised they were going to have difficulty getting off the island in the river Almond in the Sma’ Glen not far from Crieff.

The specialist water rescue unit along with two fire service appliances from Crieff attended and a cable was set up between the island and the riverbank at a place called Giant’s Grave and two adults and four children were quickly brought to safety by sled, none the worse for their ordeal.

This is not the first time campers have been trapped on the island, in 2005 freak weather and a flash flood trapped a family who had to be airlifted to safety.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service station manager Brian Robertson said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have mobilised to over 25 water rescue related incidents in the last 12 months in the Tayside area alone, which in some cases have ended in tragedy.

“Thankfully today, this has been a successful outcome, achieved through an effective and coordinated multi-agency response by the emergency services.”

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